The Background

Debenhams is a British multinational retailer operating department stores in the United Kingdom and Denmark, with franchise stores in other countries founded in the 18th century.

As the Senior Manager for UX/UI (Head of UX), my primary role was to manage, mentor and grow the eCommerce design team, create and make a reality the design strategy as well as get hands-on with design when necessary. This, I used as an opportunity to disperse my working knowledge and skills and further enabled my talented team. As a multi-disciplined professional I was hands-on with the UX and UI aspects of design.

The Challenge

Debenhams via CX identified that they needed to improve their PUDO options to customers and other aspects of their service.

The challenge was to identify where the weaknesses were in the service line, update the online to offline journey and use the contextual research data to influence which PUDO organisations Debenhams partners with.

The findings I also obtained via CX, provided furthers clues so until I could later bring in the right UX creative from my team, I was hands-on with the research aspect of the project.

I personally completed the initial UX workshop, the creation of an Empathy Map, the persona, the hybrid beginnings of a Service Blueprint and a compiling of a UX research document for the wider business to validate the need to invest in the project. The outcome was successful.

Midway through the wireframing stage was when I handed over the project to one of the senior UX designers in my team due to other management priorities.


The Approach


This involved facilitating a UX design workshop with fellow senior managers and stakeholders within the business to obtain the requirements and constraints for the research project.


Understanding the organisations service line was key to me understanding the best approach to the project from a design perspective and what the next steps could be if upper management supported the findings. Time was also spent doing competitive comparison analysis and where other competitors found success and why in relation to their customer demographic. Time was also spent examining the currernt PUDO solutions upper management favoured pre-UX involvement and validating those options based on our data and recommendations.


We took a mobile first approach but eventually create wireframes the the all responsive devices.

Adobe XD was the ideal choice to create the prototypes and UI designers within my team would later take those wireframes and create the designs that developers could build from.


The accepted plan is that we continue iterate on the online aspect of the PUDO.

We did this by utilising analytics in various forms – including data from Monetate, qualitative, quantitative and CX data as second layers layers of feedback.

Tools & Techniques Used

  • Multiple Design Workshops
  • ContentSquare
  • IMRG Retail Analytics Database
  • Research
  • Pen / Paper
  • Adobe XD
  • InVision