The Background

The MPA Group are a business that started in 2004 and mainly provides R&D Tax Credit, Accounts and Legislation services. They approached Kinetic Solutions who had an in-house design team to help revamp their online presence.

As a hands-on Design Manager at Kinetic Solutions, I led my team by delivering this project end to end. This was also an opportunity to further use my skill set to help the then Marketing Manager at the MPA Group to re-format their own strategy given our customer discoveries.

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide solid evidence via the UX design process what MPA Group’s customer needs were, how their online presence could be most effective for their market and where there were opportunities within their customer base. This was an end to end project, where the developers in my team built the designs. We also launched the website for the MPA Group.

I personally led the UX discovery process of the project and provided hands-on creative direction to the designers for the UI designs as well as hands-on development support to the developers in my team.

Part of the delivery was that I help re-write the MPA Group’s marketing strategy with their internal team using the customer insight findings from the project.

MPA Group responsive website design
MPA Group responsive website design
MPA Group responsive website design
MPA Group responsive website design
MPA Group responsive website design
MPA Group responsive website design

The Approach


This involved working with the MPA Group’s customers and their marketing team workshop setting to obtain the requirements and constraints for the design project. Shadowing me were the marketing team from the MPA Group.


We conducted a UX discovery workshop, 1 to 1 interviews, unmoderated usability studies on the prototypes and card sorting to assist with the Information Architecture piece of the project. The mentioned UX exercises enabled us to create the design deliverable needed to complete the project.


A final presentation to the Managing Directors of the MPA Group were received positively.

My team received approval to complete the project which we did by building the designs and helping to launch the website for the MPA Group.

Tools &Techniques Used

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Research
  • Pen / Paper
  • Balsamiq
  • Adobe PhotoShop