The Challenge

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB), is a Swedish financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals with headquarters in Stockholm. They had a team of 30 UX designers in-house but were not able to make significant progress.

My challenge was to help enable the team by leading (hands-on) the first round of the iterative design process. Qlik software was the preferred technology used to create the bespoke chart objects that sat within the customer branded interface.

Outputs from the UX design workshop
An excerpt from the UX documentation that would be delevered to a team of 30 UX designers.
Using conceptual branding
Then current branding (desktop) and a proposed rebrand (mobile) comparison

The Approach


This involved reaching out and working with approximately 18 users of the current solution within a design workshop setting to obtain the requirements and constraints for the design project. Shadowing and learning from me leading the workshop were senior UX designers from the organisation.


Time was spent understanding design system SEB used. 1 to 1 interviews and competitive comparison analysis were particular exercises that the organisation believed they want to take advantage of. Learnings were used for the design process as well as creating handover documentation for developers who would later build the interface. Ways were found to enable the organisation and users win.


A final presentation the the head of design and the 30 designers in her team was followed by a series of in-depth questions.

The SEB team took on board and accepted the conceptually proposed rebranding ideas conceived by my myself – based on their corporate design system – as well as the design approach and later went onto incorporate it into their corporate rebrand.

Tools &Techniques Used

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Research
  • Pen / Paper
  • OmniGraffle
  • Adobe XD
  • Qlik Sense