The Challenge

Johnson & Johnson intend to deploy a series of Qlik Sense applications that will be accessible via mobile devices. The team need UX design expertise to help understand the needs of their users and create a customised online ecosystem. This project was based in Portugal but design workshops were also run in the UK.

The challenge was to create an experience that better visualised the data, in turn helping the users consume the data easier. The solution would only be available within the J&J worldwide network and the visualisation platform of choice by the client was Qliksense.

Exposing the J&J project team to the User Needs
Goals & Frustrations output from the one of the UX workshops
Ideating the visualisation objects
Working with the solution architect on the visualisations
Adobe XD Prototype journey

The Approach


This involved facilitating design workshops to obtain the requirements and constraints for the design project. Due to the complexities of user needs and the amount of users representatives involved, three workshops were facilitated in two countries. Each workshop lasted two full days.


Time was spent understanding how the organisation worked, what their goals and frustrations were, who the main personas were, , sourcing the latest corporate style guidelines. Time was also spent understanding current solutions.


The design requirements included focusing on tablet only for the first release. Adobe XD was the ideal choice to create a prototype that simulated Design handover documentation was created for solution architects who would build the visualisations.


We had the opportunity to validate the first release due the the successful adoption of the solution. A further design workshop was facilitated to deliver the revised solution.

Tools & Techniques Used

  • Multiple Discovery Workshops
  • Research
  • Pen / Paper
  • OmniGraffle
  • Adobe XD
  • Qlik Sense

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Adobe XD Prototype
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